LHIN & CCAC Navigation gross waste of taxpayers’ dollars

Who do you want making decisions about your health care:  therapists, nurses, doctors or paper-shufflers?

That’s the question Ontarians should be asking.  Bill 41 isn’t even a year old and we’re seeing its effect.  Paper shufflers at Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN) can have the final say when it comes to your health care.

The words of Dr. Nadia Alam should be put up on every fridge in Ontario (see link below):

“Under Bill 41, bureaucrats will set medical standards. It took me over a decade to train as a family doctor-anesthesiologist; sub-specialists rack up 15-20 years of training. Each year, doctors spend thousands of dollars on conferences and seminars to update their skills and knowledge. And all that expertise will be overruled by a random paper-shuffler behind some far-away desk — someone without medical knowledge who does not have to look a single patient in the eye.”

What makes Bill 41 even more unacceptable is the gross waste of taxpayers’ dollars.  Instead of taxpayers’ dollars going directly to hiring therpists, nurses, doctors and the purchase of equipment; the bureaucracy of the LHINs will expand to control public health, home care/Community Care Access Centres (CCAC), primary care clinics and hospices.

Dr. Alam reports:

“Insiders say that many CCAC administrators are bringing their expertise to LHIN offices.

CCAC administrators received special mention in the auditor general’s scathing report. She criticized them for extraordinary waste and mismanagement. Instead of allocating 92% of funding on the workers providing face-to-face patient care, CCAC admin spent only 60%. The rest disappeared into astronomical administrative costs — including CEO bonuses.”

If you don’t sleep well tonight, maybe its time you wrote to your MPP.



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