Mohawk Lake clean up: taxpayers already paying

It’s good to hear Brant MP, Mr. Phil McColeman talk about the ability of Mohawk Lake to clean itself.

Let’s keep it that way.  Taxpayers can’t afford artificial attempts to do the job.  (Remember all those non-sexy priorities Brantford faces?)

The question is if Brant is going to keep the lake, i.e., not fill it in, how do we best help Mother Nature to clean the lake?

For starters, let’s keep the shoreline and drainage points clean.

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© 2015

Let’s stop dumping trash into the lake and canal.  That’s the first step to gauge the level of commitment from citizens.  If citizens are committed, then cost-responsible and cost-effective help from phytoremediation (use of aquatic plants to remove contamination) could be used.

At the Global Engineering, Science and Technology Conference (October ’13) in Singapore research was presented on the “Application of Selected Phytoremediators as Green Technology Treatment in Polluted Urban Lakes Ecology.”  It focuses on urban lakes in Malaysia polluted by manufacturers, sewage treatment plants, animal farms and agro-based industry.  As with Mohawk Lake, these urban lakes have a high degree of stormwater runoff.

“Phytoremediation is widely accepted as a cost-effective environmental restoration technology,” the paper states.

Dollars for phytoremediation should come from efficiencies found in existing budgets of environment-related ministries, departments and agencies.

The Ontario government’s Conservation Ontario is a network of 36 conservation authorities, one of which is The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA).  Conservation Ontario’s website states that these authorities are: “watershed management agencies dedicated to conserving, restoring and managing Ontario’s natural resources on a watershed basis.”

Two of its mandated objectives are:

  • “ensure that Ontario’s rivers, lakes and streams are properly safeguarded, managed and restored”
  • “protect, manage and restore Ontario’s woodlands, wetlands and natural habitat”

News Flash:   your tax dollars have ALREADY been allocated to “safeguard, manage and restore” Ontario’s rivers, lakes and streams.  That includes Mohawk Lake and canal.

So, the need for a grandiose, splashy campaign with additional taxpayers dollars attached (replete with photo ops) isn’t necessary.

The question is, if taxpayers are ALREADY paying staff of The Grand River Conservation Authority to “safeguard, manage and restore” Mohawk Lake and canal, why is this work not ALREADY a part of their day-to-day routine?


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