Municipal election primer: do you need that new city hall

Brantford City Hall, 100 Wellington Sq. © CityofInsight

Brantford City Hall graces 100 Wellington Square in Brantford, Ontario.  It was built in 1967 to mark Canada’s Centennial.  Mr. Michael Kopsa made excellent use of Brutalist architecture in its design.  This included provisions for expanding the structure.

Unfortunately, it is brutal how the current city council ignores all this and is under the illusion that yet another game of “musical buildings” (Brantford’s expensive obsession) is necessary.  When the music stops the the city hall occupants will take their seats in the former federal building at the corner of Dalhousie and Queen Streets.

Federal Bldg, 60 Dalhousie St, Brantford, Ontario

We have asked The City of Brantford numerous times for a Cost Benefit Analysis that justifies the need for a new city hall.  No response to date.

So, not only do you need to ask yourself if a new city hall is necessary, you need to ask yourself the question we first broached in 2016:  Do you mind paying twice for your federal building?

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