Municipal election primer: do your sewers deliver?

Making sure a municipality’s sewer (a.k.a. wastewater) system delivers, is maintained and is upgraded is pretty basic stuff for those who occupy your local government building(s), wouldn’t you say?  That’s really what government is intended for:

  1. deliver service
  2. maintain service
  3. upgrade service

(Note:  nothing here about social engineering or propagating victimhood)

Back to sewers: does the sewer system handle the current population and projected population?

Citizens of Brantford, Ontario learned recently that two of the city’s nine pumping stations can’t keep up to current demand, let alone future demand.  But the real kicker is Brantford only started monitoring pumping capacity in—May 2017!

You’ll remember that the city is in throes of rolling out the great Brantford-Brant Boundary Adjustment.  The deal was approved in January 2016.  Do you think knowing the city’s sewage capacity and specifically what is needed for more capacity would be engrained, then and now, in engineers at city hall?  During the final public sessions before the approval from the province, we found out that along with actual sewage, the thorough knowledge of current sewage capacity and future needs were murky.  Now we know both still are.

Mr. Tony Araujo, president of the Chamber of Commerce Brantford-Brant had this to say:

“This is troubling. It is difficult to reconcile that the city was not routinely monitoring and measuring the capacity of the pumping stations in order to determine the future capacity needs of any new development. This would be an essential piece of any business plan undertaken in the private sector where business needs to have a clear understanding of existing resources and what resources would be required to expand their businesses.”1




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