Paved “nature” trails, a golf clubhouse & other burning priorities …

Whether it’s the Grand River Trail Project … (which is going cap in hand to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ontario government.  You may be familiar with the latter.  It takes increasingly more of your cash and spends it on non-priority stuff.)

"Nature" Trail, Brantford Ontario ©

“Nature” Trail, Brantford Ontario ©

Did you know that portions of Brantford, Ontario’s “nature” trails have been paved.  Hmm, the words nature and paved don’t seem to go together, but we digress.

OR, the absolute, burning necessity for a new clubhouse—new “Athletic Complex” No.7 (if you’re keeping track)—at Northridge Municipal Golf Course …

It was summarily given the thumbs down at a public meeting.  Ah, the wisdom of the people to the rescue.

OR, a “new” Brantford City Hall in the Federal Building …

More wisdom of the people is needed on this one before its too late.

… we continue to be dumbfounded at government’s lack of focus or, perhaps more accurately, awareness (either genuine or fanciful) of what matters in Brantford, and cities in general, NOW.

Hint:  it’s not new paved trails, another “Athletic Complex” or a “new” city hall.



Brantford Athletic Complexes Tally

1) Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre
2) Laurier-YMCA
3) Kiwanis Field
4) Bisons Alumni North Park Sports Complex
5) Bike Skills Park Project
6) Southwest Sports Complex Project


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