Private property owner’s role in city building

To increase the turnover of vacant private property, the owner could suggest possible buyers to the broker of record.  The emphasis should be on buyers who would provide an appropriate use of the property that is consistent with the intelligent zoning of the area.

Has Loblaw Companies Ltd. made any suggestions to Coldwell Banker Commercial Peter Benninger Realty regarding the former Canadian Tire property at 573 Colborne St. East (at Iroquois St.) in Brantford, Ontario?

Private property owner's role in city building



Speaking of intelligent zoning, why is this property categorized as “Community Centre Commercial,” which is another way of saying shopping plaza, when

– at the east end of this block sits the Colborne Place shopping plaza (two vacancies)

– in the block east of that is the Mohawk Plaza (three vacancies)

– and the block west of 573 contains the Shoppers Drug Mart plaza (three vacancies)?

Does it make sense to add shopping plaza No. 4 to this area?

Oh, run that by us again how the proposed boundary adjustment will put this vacant property and others to acceptable use?

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