Red and white health card switch: priorities anyone?

Here’s a sample of what some of you say about the once envied Ontario health care system courtesy of the London Free Press.  The full comments can be read at the link below.

“Horrible, unacceptable wait times continue to haunt candidates for hip and knee replacement, as they have since Dalton McGuinty was premier.”

“I would love to be pain free.  Come on Ontario, give us a break.”

“Walk a half a day in my shoes, those of you who make the decisions about wait times. You will be screaming for relief in a couple of hours.”

” … I read that wait times in parts of Ontario exceed a year. We treat animals better. What is being done with all the tax money being collected at every turn? Is there any hope of reviving what was once a wonderful health system only 10 short years ago?”

“As far as nurses, there is a shortage due to the cutbacks. This puts a strain on the nurses and the patient may not get the ongoing proper treatment.”

As if all this was not enough cause for concern, the deaths of at least eight elderly residents at Caressant Care (a long-term care centre) in Woodstock, allegedly committed by a nurse at the centre, make us all question the substance of health care in Ontario.

Given the apparent lack of substance, does it make sense for your Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to use your limited tax dollars to muck around with switching the red and white health cards?

Will a new health card prevent a tragedy?

Will a new health card relieve or prevent physical pain?

Will a new health card relieve or prevent psychological pain?

This is another example of how misguided actions can occur within a bloated bureaucracy.

The common sense solution is to allow the red and white health cards to work their way through the system through attrition.  Then, the bureaucracy can work on what WILL improve health care in Ontario, such as breaking down barriers between conventional health care and alternative health care.

Unfortunately, common sense, yet again, is hard to find in Ontario.


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