Should county pay for public rec complex in city?

Consider the building of a public sector recreation complex in a city.  Despite being fraught with questions about need, affordability and location, construction is starting soon.  Consistent with the affordability question, some of the main players seek financial help from the neighbouring county even though the paint is still drying on the county’s new recreation complex.  What does this say about a city’s responsibility for a public project within its boundary.

Brant County taxpayers do not have to fall for the third sales pitch from Wilfrid Laurier University and the YMCA.  They request the county contribute a half-a-million dollars to the Laurier Brantford-YMCA project (which appears to us as a way to make this questionable project more valid) because of the benefits they say will be available to the county.

The people of Brant County have many opportunities to improve their health by using the shiny new $19.7 Million Brant County Sports Complex.  In addition, the county offers health-related programs.

By the way, is the $19.7 Million paid off?

Moreover, since the feds and the province have each anted up $17 Million for the Laurier-Y project, Brant County taxpayers’ have already given.  Thank you very much!


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