Surprise, surprise, surprise, part 2

Hey, what about the Mohawk Lake clean up
our pet, ahem, L-E-G-A-C-Y project we can’t forsake?

Canadians will handout 2M if Brantford folk
pony up 5M.

Wait a minute, we haven’t paid back the $18M
debenture for the Greenwich-Mohawk clean up.

Ditto for the $5M Sydenham-Pearl clean up.

There you go again with details.  What’s another $5M
when the people tell us that’s what will
pull the city up.

What people?

You know—the PEOPLE.

How many people?

I don’t know.

All we have to say is the P-E-O-P-L-E.

The PEOPLE already pay for the care of the
Grand River basin waters through the
Grand River Conservation Authority,
don’t you know?

Shh, the feds may not dole if we bring up
the GRCA’s role.

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