Surprise, surprise, surprise*

The 2017 budget of the City of Brantford was oh so frustrating.
We had surprises but did our best in deliberating:
4.39% hike for homeowners
7.15% hike in commercial class
2.65% hike in industrial class
It’s a shame (pass me a tissue) but that’s what came to pass.

That was January.  Now its spring.
Surely we can forget all the talk that’s depressing!

Federal Bldg, 60 Dalhousie St, Brantford, Ontario

Oh, look a $1M surplus surprise for 2016.
It’s like magic so forget the fuss.
Let’s spend $16M on new admin. offices
and garages (no, a new city hall
at $15M isn’t enough.)


311 St. Paul Avenue, Brantford Ontario © (NOTE UNUSED LAND)

Let’s spend $2M to buy a former public school
for a new fire station because the old one
seems to be sinking.
(What about the cost to renovate?  Don’t worry us with fluff.)


180 Greenwich Street, Brantford Ontario ©

180 Greenwich Street, Brantford Ontario ©

Hey, doesn’t it seem like the Pollution Control building is sinking, too.
Does it seem like its sinking to you?
Yeah. What do they do there all day?  I don’t know.
What about you?  Yeah, maybe it seems to be sinking.
Well, let’s stop the intense deliberating
and decide on how much spending
is needed to get away from the sinking.

Ooo, we’re on a roll …

Oh, look here comes the Landsdowne Children Centre
and Crossing All Bridges folks.

They want to build new digs on the Mohawk-Greenwich land.
Surely we can give away former derelict industrial class land
we cleaned up AND
payback taxpayers the $18M we owe.

Don’t worry another surprise will come
and make us glow!


*Props to PFC Gomer Pyle, USMC


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