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Federal election ’19 primer: It’s a Liberal minority, no it’s a coalition

Anyway, it’s done; put your feet up on Monday and have some fun. Yes, LADIES and GENTLEMEN, GIRLS and BOYS, your election has been decided for you with lots of ploys. You don’t have to leave your house or work … Continue reading

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Castigate cell carriers

Cell carriers constantly consternate cleverly concocting complicated, confusing, coiled (a sign they may not want to abandon coiled phone cords!) contacts (i.e., plans, agreements and schemes) catapulting clients ceaselessly into a circuitous cavern. Caveat emptor Canadians! N.B. That’s why cell … Continue reading

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Supply management: better food quality?

We’re told that supply management is suppose to improve the quality of dairy, chicken and turkey products, table eggs, and broiler hatching eggs.  Why then do Canadians still find blood spotted eggs and bloody, antibiotics-laced poultry on their plates?   We … Continue reading

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Happy Yellow Belly New Year

As we start 2018, the nanny state is alive and well with the cancellation of many outdoor New Year celebrations.  Before Canada’s half baked switch from imperial to metric, people didn’t think twice about venturing out in subzero weather—truly cold … Continue reading

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Citizens get final say on voting reform

The Liberal government in Ottawa appears to want to rush voting reform, to change Canadians’ voting system.  While a facelift for democracy is needed, the Liberals should not try to do this without giving Canadians the final say.  The voting … Continue reading

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Save TFSA, no to land transfer tax grab

There are a lot of yes women and yes men in the Ontario government and, now thanks to the recent election, at the federal level, too. Christmas has come early for Canadians because the promises in the Liberal platform come … Continue reading

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Thanks for stable, non-sensationalized, less intrusive government

Yes, there are Canadians who still have more than a modicum of class and decency who wish to thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his years of service to Canada. You’d never know this because of the liberal love-in over … Continue reading

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