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US election: professional pouting protesters

It appears some “community organizers” have been rather busy of late.  Voter discontent over the US election is not the only motivator; it may not even be the motivator.  The link below outlines how people were and are being recruited via … Continue reading

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“look, we owe $20 Trillion”

All you need to remember from the first US presidential debate is, first, the lead-up to the answer Mr. Trump gave to this question from the moderator:  “How would you bring back the industries that have left the country for … Continue reading

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Politician-purchasers, media-purchasers

Mr. Trump is a thorn in the side of the political and media circles who have been bought and paid for. Who are the politician-purchasers and media-purchasers in your locality? P.S.  The sky has still not fallen in the UK.  … Continue reading

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