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Tax Hike Habit

Government can break the tax hike habit by stopping: Bureaucratic bloat Corporate welfare Duplication within government and between governments Encroachment; trying to be all things to all people Entitlement Make work projects Propagating victimhood Social engineering Trying to control science … Continue reading

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Municipal election primer: do your sewers deliver?

Making sure a municipality’s sewer (a.k.a. wastewater) system delivers, is maintained and is upgraded is pretty basic stuff for those who occupy your local government building(s), wouldn’t you say?  That’s really what government is intended for: deliver service maintain service … Continue reading

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Do we need: social engineering or social restoration?

Whether it’s: Canada’s Liberal government giving $5 million in taxpayers’ dollars to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which supports the use of abortion as a method of birth control the motion at the recent Progressive Conservative Party convention to delete … Continue reading

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