Thanks for stable, non-sensationalized, less intrusive government

Yes, there are Canadians who still have more than a modicum of class and decency who wish to thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his years of service to Canada.

You’d never know this because of the liberal love-in over the last four months that reached its zenith this week courtesy of the left leaning mainstream news-tainment media.

Fortunately, most Canadians are not exemplified by the reporter who could barely contain her exuberance as she said at the swearing in ceremony last Wednesday, “He’s now gone”; you got the feeling she could have continued, and good riddance.  So much for objective reporting and respect for the office of Prime Minister.  (Maybe Ms. Elizabeth May, who often referred to Mr. Harper as Mr. Prime Minister during the campaign, could tutor the media in decorum.)

The “he’s gone” chorus appears large because of the leftist bias in much of the media.  They serve as a bull horn for the left.

As the garish light of superficiality shines on Parliament Hill, more Canadians will come to appreciate and long for the stable, non-sensationalized and less intrusive government Mr. Harper lead as Prime Minster.

He also deserves the credit for restoring the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, a fact lost on some of his colleagues.

Canadians who want complete information about their government, may want to look past the superficial, style over substance theatrics that appeal to the growing cult of celebrity that the news-tainment media can’t resist.


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