This is “Revenue of Canada” calling …

We hope that you have the following important contacts and their hotlines attached to your fridge.

  • Officer John Parker
  • Hotlines:  613-366-5123, 647-243-9409
  • Officer Nikki Johnson
  • Hotline:  613-209-0986
  • Officer Ryan Smith
  • Hotline:  855-888-5923
  • Officer Robert William
  • Hotline:  613-707-3979
  • Officer Mark Phelan
  • Hotline:  844-272-7633

(Isn’t it fascinating how many phone numbers Revenue of Canada has?)

That way, when you get a call from one of them or their protégés you can ask:  “How are things at Revenue of Canada?”

If they persist in their scamming ways, ask them:  “Who is the you you’re looking for?” in response to their opening line, “This message is for you.”


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