Time to say toodaloo monopolizers

Have you checked your phone bill lately?

Have you checked if they got the taxes right?

It maybe a herculean tax task for your phone company if you use a third-party long distance provider.  The taxes maybe too rich by two, three, five or more cents.  Hmm, how many accountants and MBAs do they employ?  You can contact customer service if you enjoy the bouncing life of a volleyball, with no positive result.  You can pay the correct amount and ignore late payment fees on the tax you don’t owe and pray the phone gods will knock some sense into your phone company.

If they aren’t your favourite, it’s time to say good-bye.

Does Canada’s NAF*TA 2.0 Wish List (we haven’t seen the list, have you seen the list? there is a list, right?) includes access to all North American companies, then we may say toodaloo monopolizers.

Oh, here’s another one.

  1. Two phone landlines in a home.
  2. One is touch-tone.
  3. One is pulse dial.
  4. The once less costly pulse dial line is now the same cost as the touch-tone.
  5. The provider never alerted the customer when this occurred.
  6. The provider has yet to suggest switching the dial line to tone.

*F stands for FAIR




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