Voting for unicorns, rainbows & cherubic hair

Have Canadians learned a lesson about voting for the superficial?

The cold hard truth of such folly was brought home to us by the federal government itself via a recent department of finance report (conveniently released in the midst of the Christmas season in the apparent hope that you would ignore it).

Two points stand out:

  • The Government of Canada’s debt is on track to hit $1 Trillion within 15 years
  • Don’t expect a balanced budget until 2055

Mr. Andrew Furey, in the link below, fleshes out this sad reality.  He interviewed business professor Ian Lee, who suggested the government could print more money as a remedy.  But, went on to say:  “we’ll pay a price if it does get to that point.  We’ll turn into a country like Greece, where we’ll be forced to make dreadful decisions.”

And to think some Canadians are losing sleep over what President Elect Donald Trump may or may not do.  Who’s the real leader here?


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