When in doubt, distract

Do you remember The Drummond Report?

In this link Ms. Candice Malcolm refreshes our memories about the 12 step prescription written (at taxpayers’ expense) in 2012 by economist, Mr. Don Drummond to treat the Ontario government’s ailing finances.

An ailment that is made worse by Ontario’s addiction to spending.  Ms. Malcolm helps us understand an addiction with the words of Motley Crue bassist, Mr. Nikki Sixx.  He calls an addiction something you know needs to change but that you will get to it, “next Tuesday.”

Until “next Tuesday” addicts try to distract themselves and others away from their addiction; they try to divert attention away from what should be a priority for them.  In the case of Ontario, the following actions are designed to do just that:

  • New sex education curriculum (Note: if staff at schools would show respect by not calling their female students and colleagues—guys we wouldn’t need a new curriculum tome.)
  • Ontario will subsidize low income earners’ hydro costs (Note:  if the 10% Ontario Clean Energy Benefit on the first 3,ooo kWh of electricity used was kept the system would be fairer for all.)
  • Sexual harassment awareness ad campaign (Note:  what do we have existing, generously funded public education and health care systems for?)
  • Cap and trade energy carbon-pricing program (Note:  if possible, first improve the track record of the Green Energy Act, then add a carbon tax—a less manipulable and corruptible option.)
  • Beer in supermarkets (Note:  shouldn’t entail an onerous tax piled on an already heavily taxed item.)

Breitbart.com reminds us that:  “Psychologists posit that the brain can only handle so many narratives at one point; if we are distracted by problems at home, for example, we tend to perform less well at work. The same holds true in politics….”

If our brains are making our heads give the nod to cool sex ed.; a law to make big bad corporations clean up their acts; and the awesomeness of buying beer in the supermarket, we glaze over the credit rating firm Moody’s call for Ontario to curb its spending.

“…Our bandwidth is filled with lower but sexier priorities.”

Then, we may nod off.

Mission accomplished.



Given the plot of Climategate thickens, cooler heads (that includes Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Taxpayer) need to question how credible cap-and-trade, and even carbon tax schemes are.


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